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Headquarters & Branch Office
9100 Presidential Parkway
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Branch Hrs: 9am-4pm, M-F
Drive-Thru: 8am-6pm, M-F
Sat. 8:30am – 12:30pm

Downtown DC Branch Office
300 Indiana Ave NW, #4067
Washington, DC 20001
Branch Hrs: 8am-3pm, M-F

Main Phone: 301-817-1200
Audio Response - Banking By Phone: 301-817-1201
Fax: 301-817-1230

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Holiday Closings


We’ve made getting an unbelievably great deal on financing your vehicle super easy, with our limited-time Auto Loan Sale special – for new, used or refinanced vehicles!

From September 1 – November 30, 2012, we’re offering incredibly low rates on new and pre-owned vehicles, as low as 1.24% APR* (after your scratch card discount).

Discounts of up to 2% are available!

Visit a Police FCU branchto receive your discount scratch card and reveal your discount today!

Along with a great deal on your car, you’ll get the best service from Police FCU and participating dealerships. Visit the website, call or stop by the branch nearest you for a list of participating dealerships.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates and terms are based on applicant(s) credit history. Your actual rate may vary. Advertised
rate reflects 20% down on a 63 month term, includes a 2.00% scratch card discount and Direct Deposit of $1,000, or more monthly, and automatic payments. Example: On a
$15,000 auto loan, at 1.24% APR for 63 months, your monthly payments = $246.05. Certain restrictions apply. Other rates and terms available. Contact Police FCU for details.
Current Police FCU loans not eligible for refinance. Possible scratch card discounts: 1%, 1.5%, 2%. Odds of receiving 2% discount are 1 in 7.33.


“Don’t Worry. I Have Backup!”

The Police FCU Backup Line of Credit = Money When You Need It

On the surface, a Police FCU Backup Line of Credit seems like the perfect solution for an emergency – and an ideal way to avoid an overdraft situation.

If that’s what you think, you’re right; both scenarios are absolutely true. But the Backup Line of Credit is ideal for so much more!

Let’s say you don’t want to wait any longer for that laptop computer you’ve had your eyes on; or maybe your personal dream is to go on a fall vacation to an exotic location with someone special.

Rather than racking up debt on a high-interest credit card, or paying excessive cash advance fees, you can get the cash you need quickly to get what you want... or you could even consolidate debt you already have.

At low rates starting at just 9.24% APR*, you’ll enjoy the convenience and appreciate the savings you’ll realize when compared to alternative options.

Don’t miss this opportunity to establish a little more security and peace of mind while lowering your interest rate. For an emergency, or special purchase; or to consolidate high-rate bills – Make sure you have Backup! Contact Police FCU today and find out more.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates and terms are based on applicant(s) credit history. Your actual rate may vary.



Are You Making Regular Contributions to an IRA?

Despite the fact that future financial security is at or near the top of most Americans’ financial concerns, still, less than 10 percent of Americans contribute to individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Some believe that because they have retirement plans from their workplaces, they are ineligible for an IRA (not true); others just haven’t gotten around to it.

Whatever the reason, the IRA can offer tremendous tax advantages. While there are restrictions on the amount you can contribute (factors include such things as your age and the particular type of IRA you choose), if you make regular contributions to your IRA, you can make a more comfortable retirement for yourself than what Social Security and/or a 401(k) can offer.

If you have not yet opened an IRA, what are you waiting for? Stop by Police FCU today and get started on the path to greater future financial security!



Remote Deposit & Online Bill
Pay: Technology at its Finest (back to top)

Police FCU understands that your time is valuable, today more so than ever! As a result, we offer you two time saving services to make your life a little easier:

ez Check Deposit – Remote Check Deposit Service – This helpful feature allows you to deposit check payments directly into your account – without ever leaving your home or office. Using an ordinary computer scanner, simply scan the image of a check and transmit it to us, and you’re done!

The advantages don’t stop there. Not only do you save time and gas, you also don’t have to worry about filling a deposit slip – and you can always view images of checks you’ve previously deposited.

Online Bill Pay – Open the bill. Write the check. Address the envelopes. Affix a postage stamp. Go to the post office to mail the bill. It’s annoying and monotonous. What if you could avoid these steps altogether and still pay your bills?

With the help of Police FCU’s Online Bill Pay, you can! Executing an online bill payment to the biller requires nothing more than a few mouse clicks – and saves time and money for postage! Visit our website at www.policefcu.com and try out the demo.

Best of all, both of these services are free! Simply log into your secure Police FCU Online Account to set up one – or both – of these convenient services.



Making a Budget Makes a Big Difference (back to top)

These days, people are cutting back on their spending and looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there.

Aside from joining the credit union and taking advantage of better rates, and not to mention, kissing unnecessary bank fees good-bye, putting together a spending budget can help keep you on the path to achieving financial success.

If you’ve never tried setting up a monthly budget, at first, it may seem tedious, but when you start realizing the savings, because you’re keeping better track of your money, you’ll understand that it’s time well-spent. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what a number of ‘small’ expenses can ultimately add up to!

The best part is, once you figure out you can live on less money than you did during your pre-budget days, you’ll have an easier time dealing with financial rainy days...and you might even be able to save for something fun!

Curbing the small expenses that are not that important in the grand scheme of things will greatly improve your odds of enjoying future financial success.

If you need help getting started, contact the credit union. We can take a look at your whole financial picture and help guide you along.




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